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Current products in this category include genuine items of furniture from ships that sailed the oceans in the19th and 20th Centuries.

Please contact Tony if you would like us to manufacture a unique piece of furniture that incorporates a genuine item of ship's equipment.

Examples of ship's equipment that can be incorporated into a piece of unique nautical themed furniture are:

  • Ship's Wheels
  • Compasses
  • Propellers
  • Port Holes
  • Pressure Gauges


Enquiries can be made by selecting the Contact Us button at the top of this page.


MIRROR - Rope Framed
SKU: SKU17695
MIRROR - Vintage iron & rope frame, 47 x 63 cm (18.5" x 25") - TWO AVAILABLE

Price: AUD 235.00
Passenger Liner's 2nd Class Smoke Room Table
SKU: SKU17612
A rare 2nd Class Smoke Room table from an Edwardian era passenger liner. It is beautifully made from Oak and has a restored, gold-tooled, green leather top.

Price: AUD 750.00
Sailor-Art Decorated Pine Sea Chest - Late 19th Century
SKU: SKU17635

Late 19th Century pine sea chest with museum quality rope-work beckets and a sailor-art painting of a fullly rigged, three masted German Empire flagged sailing ship inside the lid.

Price: AUD 1650.00
Ship's Cabin Washstand, Circa. 1868
SKU: SKU17550

Extremely rare, mid 19th Century ship's cabin washstand from a ship built by William Denny & Bros., Dumbarton, Scotland.

The mahogany cabinet, with white glazed earthenware wash basin, was manufactured by The Glasgow Pottery (J. & M.P. Bell & Co.), Scotland, and dates from 1868 (see detailed description for more information).

Price: AUD 1495.00
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