Compass, Bergen Nautik

Compass, Bergen Nautik


SKU SKU17514
Weight 3.25 kg
Original/Reproduction Original
Finish Natural patina
Dimensions (cm) Compass: 14.5 (OD) x 9.6 (H); Gimbal: 17.2 (OD); Overall: 17.8 x 9.6
Imperfections Air bubble present
Age/Year of Manufacture 1940's
Restoration Options Can be polished and lacquered (POA)
Usual price: AUD 230.00
Compass Image 1 - SOLD
Compass Image 2 - SOLD
Compass Image 3 - SOLD
Compass Image 4 - SOLD

Bergen Nautik was a 20th Century compass manufacturer located in Bergen, Norway. This is a medium sized compass, with a diameter of 14.5 cm, and is suitable for mounting in a fixed binnacle or a portable box. Some compass fluid has escaped over the years so there's an obvious air bubble present, and the paint on the central hub of the compass card is showing signs of being affected by sunlight and the compass fluid which was typically lamp oil, or a mixture of alcohol and water.

Whoever serviced it last decided to etch the date (20/1/64) in the glass. The compass could be restored to a serviceable condition if desired.

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