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This subcategory includes Nautical Style's unique desk lamps, nautical themed wall mirrors and dioramas.


Diving Helmet - 12 Bolt Siebe, Gorman & Co. (1881 - 1904)
SKU: SKU17643

12-bolt Siebe, Gorman & Co. brass and copper diving helmet (Circa. 1881 - 1904), on custom made solid pine stand.

Price: AUD 8495.00
Nautical Themed Ashtray
SKU: SKU17534

Brass nautical themed ashtray with central crown & anchor motif. 129 mm diameter x 13 mm deep.

Price: AUD 39.95
Norwegian-Pattern Foghorn by Lilley & Gillie Ltd.
SKU: SKU17623

Genuine antique Norwegian-pattern Ship's Foghorn by John Lilley & Gillie Ltd. - Crank operated with kid-leather bellows and Copper horn.

This item is no longer available.
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Poster, White Star Line RMS Titanic
SKU: SKU17525

Vintage White Star Line RMS Titanic poster celebrates the launching of the RMS Titanic.

This version of the poster is North American Copy Draught size (16" x 20") as supplied world wide by If you prefer an ISO A2 size poster, it can be ordered direct from Nautical Style for the same price (plus postage from Australia).

Price: AUD 25.95
RMS Titanic Model, 40" (101.5 cm)
SKU: SKU17543

This is a large decorative 1:265 scale model of the R.M.S Titanic. Overall length is just under 40 inches (101.5 cm).

This item is no longer available.
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Ship Builder's Plaque, Hall. Russell & Co. Ltd., Aberdeen
SKU: SKU17526

Brass ship builder's plaque for machinery installed by Hall. Russell & Co. Ltd., Shipbuilders & Engineers, Aberdeen

Price: AUD 430.00
Ship's Bell, Bronze 8.25" (21cm) - Vintage Japanese
SKU: SKU17690
Vintage Japanese bronze ship's bell with clapper - 8¼" (21cm) diameter

This item is no longer available.
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Ship's Daylight Signal Lamp/Searchlight, Circa. 1970
SKU: SKU17549

Large vintage naval signal/searchlight with 20 cm reflector, designed for daytime use, mounted on a custom made, floor standing, varnished timber tripod. Manufactured in October 1970 by Japanese manufacturer Shonan Kosakusho Co. Ltd.

UPDATE: The searchlight has now been rewired and restored to full working order (see detailed description).

Note: Tripod (stand) cannot be shipped interstate or overseas. Take $50 off price.

Price: AUD 2475.00
Ship's Wheel - Vintage Bronze with Wooden Handles
SKU: SKU17590

Vintage 6-spoke, 71.5 cm (28”) bronze ship's wheel with polished oak handles, suitable for use with a 25.0 mm keyed shaft.

Price: AUD 455.00
SKU: SKU17729
SHIP'S WHEEL, 8-Spoke 36" (91.4 cm) dia., by MACTAGGART, SCOTT & Co. Ltd, EDINBURGH (Est. 1898)

Price: AUD 695.00
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