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Bronze Propeller from Port Adelaide Work Boat


Weight 28.90 kg
SKU SKU17542
Original/Repro. Original
Finish Polished & Lacquered
Dimensions (cm) 67 (Dia.) x 13
Imperfections Wear and tear consistent with age
Age/Year of Manufacture Circa. 1975
Restoration Options None offered
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This large 3 blade bronze propeller came from an old Port Adelaide work boat called Trojan, which was built at Beswick's Ship Yard in 1975.

The overall diameter of blades is 67 cm (26") and the hub (boss) is 13 cm (5") thick.

The shaft hole is keyed and the hole diameter tapers from 39.0 mm to 48.5 mm. (1.5" to 1.9")

The propeller is stamped "R & S 2400 E 54".