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Bronze Ship's Bell with Brass Shackle (261098109694)


Weight 14.15 kg
SKU SKU17580
Original/Repro. Original
Finish Natural patina
Dimensions (cm) 28.5 (dia) x 25.0
Imperfections Dents and scratches consistent with age
Age/Year of Manufacture Unknown
Restoration Options Can be polished and lacquered (POA)
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This large cast bronze ship's bell weighs in at 14.15 kg (31 lb). The diameter of the throat is just under 28.5 cm (11¼") and the height is approximately 25 cm (10"). It includes a heavy cast bronze donger/clapper

It is in great condition (there are no hairline cracks or other major imperfection)

Its age is hard to estimate, but going on the patina of the bronze and the type of shackle used I would say it's relatively old, but not necessarily antique.

Note: The shackle is also made from brass but the bolt and nuts are steel.