Cabin Furniture

Cabin Furniture

Cabin Furniture

This category includes passenger and/or naval officer's cabin furniture.


MIRROR - Rope Frame

MIRROR - Large rectangular with Sisal rope edging (2 available)


AUD 250.00

Sailor-Art Decorated Pine Sea Chest - Late 19th Century

Late 19th Century pine sea chest with museum quality rope-work beckets and a sailor-art painting of a fullly rigged, three masted German Empire flagged sailing ship inside the lid.


AUD 1995.00

Ship's Cabin Washstand, Circa. 1868

Extremely rare, mid 19th Century ship's cabin washstand from a ship built by William Denny & Bros., Dumbarton, Scotland.

The mahogany cabinet, with white glazed earthenware wash basin, was manufactured by The Glasgow Pottery (J. & M.P. Bell & Co.), Scotland, and dates from 1868 (see detailed description for more information).


AUD 2195.00