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Nautical Style

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Fishing Float - 27 cm (10.5") Japanese Green Glass


Weight 4.00 kg
SKU SKU17718
Original/Repro. Original
Finish N/A
Dimensions (cm) 30 (Dia.) x 60
Imperfections Minor netting damage consistent with age
Age/Year of Manufacture Early 1900's
Restoration Options None offered
Our Price: AUD 325.00


Floats like this are normally found by beachcombers on isolated Pacific Ocean beaches. Its sand-blasted appearance is as a result of it rolling around in the surf for years before being washed up onto the beach on a high tide.

Most Japanese floats are green because they made them from recycled green Sake bottles and, as is typical of early floats, the hand-blown glass ball was sealed with a 'button' of melted glass.

The diameter of the glass ball is approximately 27 cm (10.5").