Nautical Style

Nautical Style

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Items in this category include original sea chests, ship's tables, chairs, cabinets and other items of furniture from ocean liners, steamboats and yachts.

You will also find unique nautical themed furniture custom designed by the skipper of Nautical Style. Each piece incorporates a unique item of ship's equipment from our inventory and is manufactured from quality materials here in South Australia. We only hold a limited range of custom nautical themed furniture in stock, but items can be made to order if you have chosen a piece of ship's equipment to incorporate into an existing Nautical Style design.

Cabin Furniture 3 Products
Smoking Room 2 Products
  SKU Product Our Price
SKU17695 MIRROR - Rope Frame AUD 250.00
SKU17612 Passenger Liner's 2nd Class Smoke Room Table AUD 850.00
SKU17635 Sailor-Art Decorated Pine Sea Chest - Late 19th Century AUD 2200.00
SKU17550 Ship's Cabin Washstand, Circa. 1868 AUD 2195.00