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Lights and Lanterns

This category includes ship's lights, lanterns and lamps, ranging from the most common port & starboard sidelights, to masthead lights, not under command lights, and anchor lights.

Early lanterns were fueled by lamp oil and candles, and then later by kerosene. This changed when electricity and the tungsten filament light globe were invented.

Oil, Kero and Candle Powered 3 Products
Electrified 3 Products
  SKU Product Our Price
SKU17515 Anchor Lantern, Hull Steamship Co., SS Palma Boy PLEASE CALL
SKU17516 Bow Port Sidelight, Alderson & Gyde Ltd. PLEASE CALL
SKU17522 Masthead Light, Perko, Early 20th Century PLEASE CALL
SKU17517 Not Under Command Light, Nippon Sento Co. Ltd. AUD 485.00
SKU17549 Ship's Daylight Signal Lamp/Searchlight, Circa. 1970 AUD 2475.00
SKU17519 Starboard Sidelight, Double Lens PLEASE CALL