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Navy Badge, Naval Command - South Australia


Weight 0.35 kg
SKU SKU17531
Original/Repro. Original
Finish Painted
Dimensions (cm) 17.7 x 13.0 x 3.3
Imperfections None
Age/Year of Manufacture 1986 - 1994
Restoration Options None offered
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This is an original painted resin Royal Australian Navy badge from the period 1986 to 1994 and is mounted on a 20 mm thick piece of blackwood.

The design features the Australian Piping Shrike (SA State symbol) displayed and standing on the staff of a gum tree upon and gold roundel, depicting the rising sun, all upon a blue shield against a white background.

The design was the first of three approved versions for the badge of the Navy's South Australian office. The full title of 'Naval Officer Commanding - South Australia (NOC-SA)' is depicted as 'Naval Command - South Australia' with the motto of 'Faithful'.

The motto, 'Faithful', indicates service to both the RAN and State (SA).

In 1994, when HMAS ENCOUNTER at Port Adelaide closed, the office moved to the Keswick Barracks and was re-titled the 'Naval Support Office - South Australia'. And in 1998 it changed again to the present day title of 'Naval Headquarters - South Australia'.