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Norwegian-Pattern Foghorn by Lilley & Gillie Ltd.


Weight 8.25 kg
SKU SKU17623
Original/Repro. Original
Finish Varnished box and polished Copper horn
Dimensions (cm) 55.3 x 20.5 x 37 (Box), 61 x 29.5 x 38 (Incl. crank and horn)
Imperfections Wear & tear consistent with age
Age/Year of Manufacture Early 20th Century
Restoration Options Bellows repair
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This genuine antique Norwegian-pattern Ship's Foghorn was made by the marine equipment company, John Lilley & Gillie Ltd. (Est. 1812) of North Shields, England. The varnished box is made from marine plywood.Turning the crank handle operates a set of kid-leather bellows inside. The air produced is forced through the reed of the horn and the sound is amplified by its conical shape.

The foghorn has seen many years of service, and is showing a few signs wear and tear, e.g. it could do with a new leather handle, and going by the sound produced (at present) the foghorn may have a leak in the bellows, or the reed may need adjusting.

Please contact us for restoration options (POA).