Nautical Style

Nautical Style

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Set of Six Nautical Themed Brass & Pewter Tankards, 350 ml


Weight 2.35 kg
SKU SKU17528
Original/Repro. N/A
Finish Highly Polished
Dimensions (cm) 9.3 (Base dia.) x 10.7 (H) x 12.5 (W)
Imperfections None
Age/Year of Manufacture Near New
Restoration Options None offered
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These heavy nautical themed tankards are made from quality materials and the exceptional workmanship is in the style of Sheffield Pewter. The exterior of the tankards is polished brass and they are lined with highly polished pewter. The handles are solid cast brass.

Each tankard weighs almost 400 grams and will hold 350 ml of your favourite brew.