Nautical Style

Nautical Style

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Shell Art, French, Late 19th Century


Weight 0.10 kg
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Original/Repro. Original
Finish Natural
Dimensions (cm) 14.0 x 8.3
Imperfections See detailed photos
Age/Year of Manufacture Late 19th Century
Restoration Options None offered
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A most unusual antique hand painted and decorated giant fresh water mussel shell depicting a French flagged, twin funnel, steamship and a terracotta figure of a fishmonger's wife reclining on a bed of fish nets. Fine shell grit and a few small common sea shells complete the seaside backdrop. Dimensions are 14.0 x 8.3 cm (5½" x 3¼"), not including the brass ring for hanging.

The shell itself is from the Velesunio species of fresh water mussels which can be found in the rivers of Eastern Australia.