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Nautical Style

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Ship-in-a-Bottle, Three-masted Barque


Weight 0.80 kg
SKU SKU17558
Original/Repro. Original
Finish N/A
Dimensions (cm) 20 x 12 x 11
Imperfections Cork closure incomplete
Age/Year of Manufacture Early 20th Century
Restoration Options None offered
Our Price: AUD 225.00


Fitting a model of a fully rigged three masted barque into a Haig Dimple Whisky bottle is no mean feat. First you have to empty the contents, but as any sailor worth his salt would tell you, that's the easy part!

The Haig Dimple bottle is one of the most recognisable and distinctive bottles used by model makers who practice the craft. It was introduced in 1893 by George Ogilvy Haig. This particular bottle dates from the early 20th Century.

The barque flies the red ensign on the Gaff rigged after mast and an identifying red and white triangular pennant, which is the signal "J" in the Royal Navy system of 1913 - 1949, flies at the masthead,

The ship is sailing downwind, in moderate seas, with all sails unfurled.

The dimensions of the bottle are approximately 20 x 12 x 11 cm.

Note: The cork closure is incomplete.