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Ship's Wheel - Vintage Bronze with Wooden Handles


Weight 8.65 kg
SKU SKU17590
Original/Repro. Original
Finish Natural patina
Dimensions (cm) 71.5 (Dia.) x 6.2
Imperfections See detailed images
Age/Year of Manufacture Unknown
Restoration Options Can be polished and lacquered (POA)
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This is a vintage 6-spoke bronze wheel with polished oak handles. It has a diameter (spoke to spoke) of 71.5 cm (28") and weighs almost 8.7 kg (19 lb). It could be used on a helm with a keyed 25.0 mm diameter shaft, or as a decorative piece in your restaurant, bar or man cave. The finish is natural bronze, however it could be polished and lacquered for decorative effect (POA).