Lights and Lanterns

Lights and Lanterns

Lights and Lanterns

This category includes ship's lights, lanterns and lamps, ranging from the most common port & starboard sidelights, to masthead lights, not under command lights, and anchor lights.

Early lanterns were fueled by lamp oil and candles, and then later by kerosene. This changed when electricity and the tungsten filament light globe were invented.


Anchor Lantern, Hull Steamship Co., SS Palma Boy

This English made lantern was used aboard the SS Palma Boy, a steamer operated by the Hull Steamship Company. It is a classic, original late 19th Century anchor light.


This item is no longer available.

Bow Port Sidelight, Alderson & Gyde Ltd.

Bow port sidelight made by Alderson & Gyde Ltd., Circa 1940's. (2 available)


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Masthead Light, Perko, Early 20th Century

This masthead light is made of cast brass and has a thick solarised amethyst (sun coloured) glass Fresnel lens. I put the date of manufacture between 1922 and 1930.


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Not Under Command Light, Nippon Sento Co. Ltd.

Large not under command light, made by Nippon Sento Co. Ltd., Circa 1981.


AUD 485.00

Ship's Daylight Signal Lamp/Searchlight, Circa. 1970

Large vintage naval signal/searchlight with 20 cm reflector, designed for daytime use, mounted on a custom made, floor standing, varnished timber tripod. Manufactured in October 1970 by Japanese manufacturer Shonan Kosakusho Co. Ltd.

UPDATE: The searchlight has now been rewired and restored to full working order (see detailed description).

Note: Tripod (stand) cannot be shipped interstate or overseas. Take $50 off price.


AUD 2475.00

Starboard Sidelight, Double Lens

Large double lens starboard sidelight by unknown manufacturer, Circa 1970's


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