Octants & Sextants

Octants & Sextants

Octants & Sextants

This category includes octants and sextants.

We have a number of antique octants and sextants still available for sale. Please email your enquiry if you require more details.


Box (Pocket) Sextant

A finely made reproduction early 20th Century Box (Pocket) Sextant in 7.8 cm (3") diameter brass drum case.


AUD 269.00

Sextant by Henry Hughes in Mahogany keystone box

Sextant - 19th Century, Mahogany cased by Henry Hughes, London for J. H. Whishham

This early 7 inch sextant by Henry Hughes, London (1830 – 1840+) is housed in it's original mahogany keystone box. The sextant has a black anodised brass curved-pattern frame with an ebony-wood handle.


This item is no longer available.

Octant by Smith of Aberdeen, Mid 19th Century

Antique octant, by Smith of Aberdeen, housed in a keystone mahogany box.


This item is no longer available.