Returns & Refund Policy

Returns & Refund Policy

All items are in used condition unless stated otherwise. All items are original unless stated otherwise. Any restoration that has been carried out by Nautical Style will be noted in the item's detailed description. Additional close up photos of individual items can be supplied on request.

Nautical Style will make every effort to accurately describe items, however we cannot guarantee our descriptions are 100% accurate when it comes to identifying wood species and animal products (e.g. ivory, horn and bone), or where faux materials have been used in repair and/or restoration.

The customer accepts that products may exhibit one or more of the following age related defects which do not do not constitute a fault under the terms of the Returns & Refund Policy,

1) Cosmetic defects: corrosion, rust, pitting, cracks, dents, scratches, fading, paint splatter, illegible markings, missing parts and/or fasteners (e.g. screws, nails or rivets), screw thread defects, colour discrepancies, air bubbles (in compasses), mirror defects (e.g. in furniture, octants and sextants), or any other surface defect described in the item description. Please note that the detailed images form part of the item description; or

2) Functional defects: inaccurate timekeeping or malfunctioning chimes/bells (for clocks), measurement innacuracy (e.g. for compasses, octants and sextants), or non-functioning luminaires (e.g. ship's lights, lamps and lanterns).

Where the item has been damaged in transit, the Returns & Refund Policy only applies if adequate transport insurance has been taken out, or where the customer can demonstrate that the method and/or materials used by Nautical Style to pack the item were inadequate for the type of postal/freight/shipping service used.

All claims for refunds must be sumbitted to Nautical Style by emailing us at within 72 hours of receipt of the item. Alternatively, customers can phone us during business hours on +61(0)413844281. The customer must quote the item's SKU number and explain why a refund is being claimed, and must wait for instructions from Nautical Style before returning the item. Nautical Style will respond to all claims withing 24 hours.

Where the above conditions have been met, Nautical Style will cover the cost of return postage/freight/shipping using a service selected by us. If the customer cannot repack the item for shipment back to Nautical Style, the item will have to be taken to a Pack&Send store.

Once an item has been returned to Nautical Style we will further assess the claim and either (i) provide a full refund to the customer or, (ii) if agreed to by the customer, make suitable repairs to the item.

Where an item is lost in transit, a full refund will be given after all reasonable efforts to locate the item have been exhausted.