Sailor-Art Decorated Pine Sea Chest - Late 19th Century

Sailor-Art Decorated Pine Sea Chest - Late 19th Century

Sailor-Art Decorated Pine Sea Chest - Late 19th Century
SKU SKU17635
Original/Repro. Original
Finish Natural patina
Dimensions (cm) 105 x 50 x 42.5
Imperfections Dents, chips and scratches consistent with age
Age/Year of Manufacture Late 19th Century
Restoration Options None offered
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AUD 1995.00


A rare antique pine sea chest with museum quality rope-work beckets and a sailor-art painting of a fullly rigged, three masted sailing ship inside the lid.

The canted sides, dovetail joints and plinth base are classic features of a late 19th Century sailor's sea chest. But what makes this sea chest special is the superb sailor-art painting of a fully rigged, three masted ship under full sail as it passes a light house on a rocky shoreline. Even more interesting is that the ship is flying the black, white and red flag of the German Empire (1871 to 1918). If it wasn't for the rigging of the the aft mast, the ship could easily be mistaken for the Rickmer Rickmers.

The original beckets feature Turk's Head knots and finely braided rope handles.

Internally there's a shallow lidded compartment on the right hand side. This may have stored candles and lamp oil. There would also have been a half depth compartment on the left hand side but it has been lost to history. The original teal paint finish has been stripped and varnished.

The brass key hole escutcheon and the lower half of lock mechanism are intact, however the tongue of the lock is missing from the lid.

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